5 Tips to buy a perfect Yoga mat for practicing daily Yoga Asanas

The special thing about yoga is that it keeps the body healthy as well as calms the mind. There has been a lot of consciousness among Indian people in the last few years about yoga. Now many people have started practicing yoga to keep themselves fit and healthy. Today many kinds of diseases are being cured worldwide by the practice of yoga asanas.

For practicing yoga asanas you also need a better yoga mat. The speed at which yoga has become popular, yoga yoga mats have also become increasingly popular. People generally think that no matter what the yoga mat is, it is not true. If you do not take care of some things while buying yoga mats, it may be that your money buying mats is spoiled. So today we are telling you 5 essential tips to choose the perfect yoga mat for yourself.

Choose Yoga for yourself before Yoga-Mat

Before choosing a yoga mat, you should choose the right yoga asanas for you. If you are doing yoga for some purpose, then you should know about which yoga asanas you have to do for it. If you want to do yoga as well to be healthy in general, then for good results you must choose certain yoga asanas for yourself. Some people enthusiastically buy yoga-mats first, but after a few days when the excitement is over, the mats are lying in a corner.

Take care of the material of Yoga mat

Yoga asanas are usually done slowly and comfortably, but still you may get a minor injury if you fall or turn diagonally. To avoid this, it is important that you choose the right material of yoga mat. Most yoga-mats are made of PVC. But nowadays cotton and rubber yoga mats have also come in the market. Yoga-mats with cotton or rubber tend to deteriorate quickly, while PVC-made yoga mats last longer and are more comfortable.

How many big mats do you need?

Yoga mats come in many sizes. The larger the Yoga-Mat, the higher its weight and the higher the price. In such a situation, if you go to a park outside the house or to a fitness center to practice yoga, it may be difficult for you to carry heavy yoga mats daily. So in such a situation you should choose light yoga-mats. Apart from this, according to how much space you will need for the Yoga asanas you have to practice, you should also choose a yoga mat.

Yoga mats not slipping on grass or ground

Many cheap plastic yoga mats are smooth on the opposite side, which can cause your feet to slip during practice. Apart from this, by doing yoga mats on a smooth place many times, doing yoga also can cause these mats to slip from the ground, which can hurt you. To avoid this, you should choose yoga mats that are not slippery. Mats made of PVC usually have a body stick and do not slip.

Body does not slip on Yoga mat

Sometimes the upper surface of the yoga mat is so smooth and hard that you can slip on the yoga mat itself during practice due to perspiration or not forming the grip properly. To avoid this, you should choose a mat that sticks to the body and the gripping of the foot is good. This will keep you safe.

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