5 silly mistakes most of the couples doing are ruining their married life

We may keep saying that marriage is a union of two souls, but the truth is that most of the people around you are not happy with their married life. Actually, we have such an old system of marriage in which boy and girl are forced on each other. This is the reason that until the physical needs are there in the beginning, there is a lot of thrill in their relationship, but gradually the adventure ends. After 5-7 years of marriage, most couples care for each other, but they do not retain the love and thrill that happens after marriage. The reason for this is the small but stupid mistakes of the couples. Commonly these mistakes are mostly done by couples.

You forget to praise

Usually when two lovers or unknown people meet before marriage, they often compliment each other in conversation. But it is seen that after some time of marriage, people stop praising each other. After hearing his praise, the emission of ‘Happy Hormones’ in the body of the front is accelerated, due to which he feels good. So never forget to praise your partner. Saying thank you to every cute thing and telling them their import increases your love.

Waste time in fruit

Nowadays, most homes have a large number of electronic gadgets. Smart phones, laptops, computers, televisions, video games, etc. are the gadgets in which the worst time of our generation is wasted. It is often seen that married couples, especially couples in which both people are working, after their return home, do the necessary work and then get into mobile, laptop or TV. Whereas, you can also spend the remaining time after your work in spending quality time with your partner. So if you have the same habit, try something different one day. As soon as you return from office or work, kiss your partner in the arms and talk to them while sharing their hand in their work. You will see that the spark of love still exists in you, which remained buried under the ashes of everyday work, but you could not see.

Do not pay much attention to partner

If you remember that when you met each other for the first time, how carefully you heard the words of your partner. The reason for listening to things carefully at that time was that you wanted to know them and you were thrilled about your relationship. But later this adventure is over and now you do not even listen to your partner’s words properly. If you have the same habit nowadays, then be careful. Keep in mind that the person in front will say anything, but it will be nice if you listen to his words and pay attention. So, instead of doing a third thing during a conversation with a partner, focus all your attention on him and make him feel how important they are to you.

Get some anger

A wrong habit is seen in all the people that they vent their anger at their office or work and vent their anger at their partner. It is a natural behavior of man that he expresses love and anger only to him, which makes him comfortable. So if you do this too, change your habit. Never vent your anger or anger on someone else. Always talk to your partner with respect and always make them feel that because of them your life is happy.

You don’t show love

It is also seen in married couples that they leave each other after a while to show love to each other. Sexual relations is a different thing, but in other ways also you should show love to your partner. Kissing each other, hugging when you are happy, laying your head in your lap when you are sad, and even walking far and wide to put your hand in your hand are things that you might find normal, but this is the best way to express love. Are the way.

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