5 Side Effects of Mouth Breathing in Children

5 Side Effects of Mouth Breathing in Children: Breathing is important because our body gets oxygen through the breath, which is very important to keep us alive. After passing through the body’s system, this oxygen is converted into carbon dioxide and exits the body during breathing. The breathing is usually nasal. But nature has given us the facility to breathe through the mouth in addition to the nose to meet the lack of oxygen under certain conditions. Under normal circumstances, we breathe with both limbs.

Many times we all breathe through the mouth when the nose is closed due to a cold or cold problem or other reasons. But if one gets used to breathing through the mouth, then this situation can be harmful, especially for children. Learn the important things related to why breathing through the mouth is dangerous for children and adults.

5 Side Effects of Mouth Breathing in Children
5 Side Effects of Mouth Breathing in Children

Mouth dryness may be a Problem

If your child breathes more through his mouth than his nose, he may have a problem of dry mouth. Actually, when children breathe through the mouth, the air passes through their entire mouth and carries the moistur (moisture) with them. While adequate amount of saliva (spit) in your mouth is very important to protect the mouth from bacteria. Lack of saliva can cause many problems of the mouth such as cavities, tooth infection, bad breath etc.

Size of Mouth and Teeth may Deteriorate

You will be surprised to know, but due to mouth breathing, the shape of your baby’s face and teeth can also deteriorate. Experts say that when the baby breathes through the mouth for a long time, these changes can occur – the face may be thin and long, the teeth may be crooked, gums appear when smiling or laughing. e.t.c.

High Blood Pressure and Heart Diseases

Mouth breathing can also make your child a victim of many dangerous diseases. Research suggests that the right amount of oxygen does not reach inside the body while breathing through the mouth, which can cause a lack of oxygen in the arteries. Lack of oxygen can make him a victim of high blood pressure and heart diseases. Apart from this, the child may also have insomnia (lack of sleep).

Don’t Sleep Well

Usually people who breathe through the mouth do not sleep well, due to which their body remains tired even after sleeping. This is why experts believe that mental and physical health in mouth-breathing children is also affected to some extent. Sleeping less weakens the mind and can cause many physical problems and dangerous diseases.

When a person breathes through the mouth, the right amount of oxygen reaches their lungs, but during this time the windpipe becomes dry, due to which some amount of oxygen is consumed in the alveoli. Alvioli is an important part of your respiratory system that converts oxygen into carbon dioxide molecules. Due to this, all the oxygen that is not able to reach the rest of the body, reaches the lungs through your breath. This situation can be dangerous at times.

5 Side Effects of Mouth Breathing in Children

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