5 Largest Cities In Canada

The Greater Toronto area is home to around one sixth of the entire Canadian population, here are 5 Largest Cities In Canada.

Canada lies in the northernmost part of North America and stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. It is the second largest country in the world and shares the longest land border in the world with the US. Given that this country is so large, it is also home to several large cities. This article takes a look at some of the most populated cities in Canada.

The Largest Cities in Canada

1.Toronto – 5,429,524

The most populated city in Canada is Toronto. It is home to 5,429,524 people. Toronto is the capital of Ontario and located in the east-central region of the country. Nearly half of the population is made up of foreign-born residents. After Miami in the US, this is the second largest percentage of foreign-born residents in the world. Interestingly, no nationality holds the dominant position, making Toronto the most diverse city in the world.

2. Montreal – 3,519,595

The second most populated city in Canada is Montreal. Residents of this city total 3,519,595. Montreal is located in Quebec and French is its official language. The city is an important center for commerce, finance, aerospace, and the pharmaceutical industry.

3. Vancouver – 2,264,823

Coming in 3rd place, Vancouver has a population of 2,264,823 in its cities and surrounding areas. This city is located in the province of British Columbia on the west coast of the country. Vancouver is the most linguistically diverse city in the nation, 52% of the population speak a language other than English as their mother tongue. The city hosts the largest port in Canada, and it is the largest industrial location. Other economic activities here include lumber and tourism, among other things.

4. Calgary – 1,237,656

Calgary is home to 1,237,656 people in total. Calgary is located in the province of Alberta. In terms of demographics of its population, the average age is 36.4. The city experienced a faster than average growth rate from 2001 to 2006; it grew at a 12.4% rate while the rest of the country grew at 5.4%. The major industries here are the oil and gas sectors.

5. Edmonton – 1,062,643

Edmonton is the fifth largest city in Canada. Edmonton is known for being home to the largest mall in Canada as well as North America, the West Edmonton Mall. The city itself is referred to as the Gateway to the North because it serves as the entrance to oil and diamond mining in northern Alberta.

6. Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario/Quebec – 989,657

The capital region of Ottawa-Gatineau is the sixth largest city in the country. Ottawa-Gatineau has a population of 989,657 and is the capital of Canada. This city is located in the eastern region of Ontario. The major industries here are in public administration and the high-tech industry.

What is the Largest City in Canada?

The most populated city in Canada is Toronto, with a total population of 5.4 million. Around 1/6 of the entire population of Canada lives in Toronto.

Largest Cities In Canada

1Toronto, Ontario5,429,524
2Montreal, Quebec3,519,595
3Vancouver, British Columbia2,264,823
4Calgary, Alberta1,237,656
5Edmonton, Alberta1,062,643
6Ottawa–Gatineau, Ontario/Quebec989,657
7Winnipeg, Manitoba711,925
8Quebec City, Quebec705,103
9Hamilton, Ontario693,645
10Kitchener–Waterloo–Cambridge, Ontario470,015
11London, Ontario383,437
12Victoria, British Columbia335,696
13Halifax, Nova Scotia316,701
14Oshawa, Ontario308,875
15Windsor, Ontario287,069

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